Teaching approaches and learning materials

We welcome beginners as well as students with different levels of prior knowledge of the German language.

We use placement tests so that we can build on your specific level of knowledge of the German language and German culture.

Language classes take place in your home or office.

We are experienced in selecting textbooks and materials to best advance our students` knowledge of German and Germany.

We orient our teaching to the interest and needs of each student and can assist students in many aspects of German life including: negotiating everyday situations in advance and as they come up, how to write e-mails, preparing for taking driving tests, editing speeches and letters….

We select the best textbooks we can find to fit your needs. For beginners we use Themen 1-6 or Schritte plus 1-6.

We incorporate reading and discussing newspaper articles, texts from the internet, and sources of particular everyday and professional interests and concerns.